Injury Profiler

Our flagship product, Injury Profiler is a next generation athlete management system with a focus on highlighting the risk of injury in a group of professional athletes.

Injury Profiler uses state of the art injury prevention research combined with practical industry feedback from elite professional clubs, and the skills of experienced software engineers to create the world's most advanced athlete management system.

Highlighting the risk of injury is the culmination of the collection and analysis of large amounts of athletic data. With over 10,000 data points collected on average per club each week, it's virtually impossible for this data to be manually analysed by the coaches. Our Risk Profiler uses advanced statistical analysis to highlight key data quickly allowing practitioners to act immediately and avoid a potential injury.

Features & Benefits

Injury Profiler collects information through regular musculoskeletal assessments, athlete wellbeing scores, prior injury history, current injury data, and game & training workloads. And it allows practitioners to analyse injury and track their availability.

Daily Monitoring

Regular athlete assessments are carried out on each training day. This includes a short musculoskeletal assessment, supervised by a coach, where important variables with a known correlation to the risk of injury are measured and stored. Subjective wellbeing data is also taken.

These assessments take each athlete no more than 10 minutes, and with multiple devices running simultaneously, an entire squad can be taken through the monitoring process in less than 45 minutes.

Workload Management

The Workload Profiler collates and analyses training load information which gives backroom staff vital information on an individual's programming to ensure peak performance and prevent overtraining. This information is crucial to allow for the management of optimal loading patterns.

Medical Information System

Injury Profiler tracks full medical, injury and illness data for each athlete. It supports the widely acclaimed Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS). Also included is full support for diagnostic information including X-rays, CT-scan results and other importation documents related to the injury. Interventions, S.O.A.P notes, and any modification information can also be stored against the injury and the athlete.

Risk Profiling

The Risk Profiler provides real-time analytics on the condition of your squad. Risks are highlighted at a squad level and an individual level. The Squad Alerts dashboard is a real time snapshot of the entire squad’s current status. Key metrics are displayed on the dashboard, highlighting to the coaches who's in urgent need of attention.

Using a new groundbreaking algorithm with machine learning, each alert highlights an athlete’s risk of injury, showing exactly which variables are contributing to the alert. Using baseline measurements, agreed tolerance levels, and standard deviation thresholds, the system can accurately predict and grade the risk of injury to each athlete.

Comprehensive Analysis

The analysis tools provide constant feedback on the condition of your athletic group and its injury profile. This information can be used to proactively drive and develop injury prevention strategies that match the profile of your group. Targeted feedback helps to further reduce injuries, increase availability and decreasing time lost.

Ease of Use

Until now, Athlete Management Systems have been clunky, slow, and difficult to use. We've wiped the slate clean, and built a system that makes sense.

  Beautiful intuitive user interface.
  Everything is where you expect it to be.
  It's fast, and information displays quickly.
  It's simple, so it doesn't need a manual.
  Specifically designed for high performance environments.
  It does its job, then gets out of the way — so you can do yours.

People expect more from their software these days. With such high quality experiences on sites like Facebook and Twitter, users have come to expect a level of polish not normally found in enterprise software. We know this and we didn't want to let our customers down, so we built the Profiler system to the same high standards that users have come to expect from popular consumer software systems and websites.

Any Device

Built for the modern web, Injury Profiler works beautifully on iPads, tablets, smartphones, Macs, and Windows computers. It even looks great in IE7.

  Apple iPad and iPhone
  Android smartphones and tablets
  Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows XP
  Apple Mac OS X, Leopard to Mavericks

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