Profiler System

Profiler is the World's most advanced athlete management system, built from the ground up to collect and analyse all of your club's athlete data more easily than ever before.

What's an Athlete Management System?

As the available data on athletes continues to grow, it is becoming more difficult to accurately track and process this information. With the explosion of sensor data sources and the importance of screening gaining support, all of this athlete data must be securely stored somewhere. The answer is an athlete management system.

The second challenge after collecting and storing so much information is in understanding it. Turning it into actionable insights that can positively affect how athletes train and perform is becoming a new challenge for clubs. Getting access to the right data at the right time and being able to make timely key decisions is a huge challenge in the big data trends we're seeing today in professional sport.

At Kitman Labs, we're working hard to solve these problems and deliver best-in-class solutions to improve the effectiveness of the back-office team in professional sports environments. Our engineers and sports scientists are working closely together to develop new tools to empower professional teams get the most out of the data they collect.

What's Included?

The Profiler System is incredibly flexible and includes over a dozen different modules which can be configured to meet your club's needs. At its core, Profiler is a state-of-the-art athlete management system which controls athlete data with multiple access levels in a highly secure environment.

Profiler includes everything a club needs to store athlete data, control access amongst the staff, provide athletes with appropriate access, facilitate the sharing of data, and improve communications throughout the club. Available as part of this system are carefully designed modules for highly specialised tasks. These modules have been built in collaboration with some of the largest sports teams in the World, ensuring that they're best-in-class and appropriate for the high pressure environment of professional sport.

  Athlete Screening — track virtually any variable on your athletes, easily and accurately.
  Workload Management — monitor game & training workload using validated techniques.
  Medical Information System — store injury, illness, and medical data in a secure environment.
  Injury Risk Alerts — automatically highlight injury risks using statistics & machine learning.
  Analysis & Reports — turn data into knowledge and actions with our powerful analysis tools.

Ease of Use

Until now, Athlete Management Systems have been clunky, slow, and hard to use. We've wiped the slate clean, and built a system that makes sense.

  Beautiful intuitive user interface.
  Everything is where you expect it to be.
  It's fast, and information displays quickly.
  It's simple, so it doesn't need a manual.
  Specifically designed for high performance environments.
  It does its job, then gets out of the way — so you can do yours.

People expect more from their software these days. With such high quality experiences on sites like Facebook and Twitter, users have come to expect a level of polish not normally found in enterprise software. We know this and we don't want to let our customers down, so we've built Profiler to the same high standards that users have come to expect from popular consumer software systems and websites.

Any Device

Built for the modern web, Profiler works beautifully on iPads, tablets, smartphones, Macs, and Windows computers. It even looks great in IE7.

  Apple iPad and iPhone
  Android smartphones and tablets
  Microsoft Windows 8 to Windows XP
  Apple Mac OS X, Leopard to Mavericks

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